Our local Australian knowledge and expertise in the rail industry is second to none. Expert capabilities within our team provide creative solutions and support to match the evolution of the rail industry in Australia.

We also operate the largest and one of the newest independent lease fleets of locomotives in Australia. The diverse fleet ranges from modern high horsepower mainline locomotives to smaller lightweight branch line and shunting locomotives. Several classes of locomotive are able to be converted for operation on standard broad gauge and narrow gauge networks when required.

Our high horsepower mainline locomotives offer customers cost effective motive power for interstate haulage of intermodal freight, or intrastate heavy haulage of bulk commodities. Our locomotives are available in both single and double ended cabin configuration to suit customer operational requirements.

Complimenting CFCLA's high horsepower locomotives, the medium horsepower mainline locomotives provide customers with cost effective regional or metropolitan workings, including port shuttles and infrastructure work trains. Again, these locomotives are available in both single and double ended cabin configuration. Also available to our customers is a range of smaller lightweight locomotives suitable for branch line and shunting operations.

Our large fleet of ore haulage wagons is suitable for transporting all types of minerals, including products ranging from larger lump aggregates (iron ore, coal, etc.) to fine products such as mineral sands. Where necessary, we can, through our sister company CFCLA Maintenance, modify or even build specially designed wagons to suit particular products. Typical variations may include:

  • Bottom discharge hoppers for pit-drop applications
  • Ore boxes (containers) for export applications
  • Kibble transports for road-rail applications

CFCLA provides full life-cycle maintenance services for its rolling-stock, using the fully equipped workshops of CFCLA Maintenance in Islington (SA) and Goulburn (NSW), in addition to other third party maintenance facilities around the country. For customers with in-house maintenance capability, rolling stock can also be supplied on a “dry lease” basis.

As a leading provider of rail engineering services, CFCLA Maintenance can assist all of our customers with many other services, such as with;

  • Refurbishment of passenger carriages
  • Crew Van conversions
  • Field and workshop maintenance
  • Major overhauls of rolling stock
  • Servicing of track plant, road rail vehicles and equipment